Fined 3 million won if using plastic bags at supermarkets in Korea

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Accordingly, shops or supermarkets violating the above regulations will have to pay a fine of up to 3 million won (equivalent to VND 60 million).

On January 1, 2016, the Korean Ministry of Environment issued regulations on "Saving resources and enhancing reuse". This regulation is officially applied from April 1 and authorities will conduct inspection to monitor the implementation of retail stores and supermarkets.

The places of application of the above provisions of the Korean Ministry of Environment include more than 2,000 large supermarkets and 11,000 medium-sized stores and supermarkets covering an area of ​​over 165 m2, and bakeries are also on the list of applicable regulations. this.

Stores or supermarkets that violate the ban on the use of disposable plastic bags will face the highest penalty up to 3 million won depending on the number of violations.

Particularly for external plastic-covered paper bags, the Korean government decided to allow circulation after considering the reuse technology has been improved in the past.

Except for some kinds of water-prone foods such as fish, meat, tofu, ice cream ..., the use of plastic bags for food is prohibited for all remaining items.

Customers who buy products such as meat, fish, vegetables that have been prepackaged on the tray cannot use additional food plastic bags.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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